– The Thought Before and After the Shutter…

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The Blog:

I initially intended this to be a simple travel based blog to house and document my favourite photographs and experiences whilst spending time in various part of the world… However i’m no hardcore nomad, and there are plenty of domestic happenings worthy of note through words and pictures. So i guess this is more of a life in pictures kinda spread, a life very much motivated by travel. I’ll admit after starting this thing i’ve tended to be very open in my suggestive writing… as in, though i try to be subtle, i am very aware that i can, on occasion, become over-indulgent and ‘put too much blood on the page’… People who know me well will agree that I’m not usually an advocate for this type of public openness, however this blog is intended for close friends and family, so anyone else who stumbles upon it and or enjoys my photographic journeys can get a piece of me with the bundle.


The Thought:

I struggle to conjure suitable and honest words to describe who i am and what i am about. This could be due to my less than extensive vocabulary or that i simply haven’t work it all out yet… i suppose it’s only been 25 years in the making, so to speak. Most of those years were spent growing up in controlled and personally affirming bubble.

But alas… I’ve so far managed to break free from what is deemed the ‘norm’, the whole studying, graduating and attaining the specific experience for a focused career (something that truly means nothing to me, and won’t until others might depend on it)… I’ve achieved this by prioritising travel and adventure, discovering new cultures and witnessing different ways of living on this planet, seeking high and far places when and where ever i find myself temporarily rooted. Though I’ve barely pricked the surface of this chaotic but wonderful natural world, and sometimes scare myself into thinking i’m running out of time, i know that if i concentrate on what truly fuels me and keep tanking up, the time i have left will not be wasted.

All this yearning for relative truth and new experiences is not only an attempted to satisfy my own desires or to search for an answer to this relentless puzzle in my head, but also to create and build towards greater understanding… Though i know in the end it is likely not to matter at all. So along the way, when times are right, I hope to reach out again and share everything the reachable world and a humble mind can offer…

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Thankfully i’m not always this intense, but these are thoughts i simply can’t ignore, especially when times become too tough to deal with or even when the world stops for brief moments, allowing room for reflection and inspiration. I realise my words can come across as confusing and a little pretentious, but they do derive from genuine and personal thought. However i do wish i could portray these thoughts clearly and articulate myself so as to do them justice, i’m sure it’ll improve as i make my way… reading a lot more should help!

For now, i often find that other’s have summed up aspects more effectively with a fresh and disconnected perspective:


“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” – C.S. Lewis

“Rather than love, than money, than fame… Give Me Truth.”  – Henry David Thoreau

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon” 
– Chris McCandless

“Just because I rock doesn’t mean i’m made of stone”

.   .   .

If in doubt… climb to somewhere that gives you a grander perspective and delve to a place that releases whatever you consider

true momentary happiness. And whenever possible… share it with someone who can identify, enjoy or simply love in that moment.

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