GEORGETOWN: Street by Street

.   .   .

With no plans set until the next day, we had the evening free to scout out the best of Georgetown, Penang. The afternoon heat was still sweltering, the streets busy with life, thunderous rumbles from un-silenced bike motors drilling into our ears and accompanied by a constant waft of sweating food stalls and open drains. All proving quite irritable, we pushed through the discomfort with a stubborn determination to make the most of it. Feeling every step as the atmosphere took its toll on my wavering enthusiasm, I still managed to lift the camera from my hip at any decent opportunity. Whether standing in the middle of traffic or crouching in a local market stall, wearing sweat and grimace proudly, i went about shooting the streets.


Penang- 01


Penang- 08

Penang- 09


Sleeping Feet – a study



Noticed a Gaza protest taking place across the road, lifted my camera to take a passing shot, looked down to check the result, and found a young man amongst the demonstration waving to me from my viewfinder…


Penang wave- 01


 He had convinced me to get a little closer.

Penang- 16

Penang- 17


I moved on as the sun began to set…

Penang- 21

Penang- 22



Penang- 26


Street life

Penang- 27

Penang- 28

Penang- 29

Penang- 30



Penang- 33

Penang- 35


Just had enough time to sneak down the road to capture this sinister scene…

Penang- 38


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