KUALA LUMPUR: 3rd Time Luxury

.   .   .

So begins a month long journey through Malaysia. Venturing from bottom to top. tackling the bustling, multi-cultural metropolis that is Kuala Lumpur, winding up and around the rolling tea-plantations of the Highlands, discovering Penang’s colonial intrigue, having a rainforest back-garden and sandy beach drive-way on the island of Langkawi… and finally, spending some time in rural Kedah with my brother. Immersing myself in what will be a different way of life, taking many photos, meeting many new faces and indulging in everything that is detached from my London life… It should be a memorable and fulfilling time.

.   .   .

* The title of this post is not reflected in the images below… however it refers to the contrast of my last two budget visits to the city and this one, during which i stayed snug and bubble-wrapped in almost over-accommodating, slightly discomforting luxury. But i have not right to truly complain. I’ll enjoy it for what it is and not disclose the evidence…

So… Anticipating a fairly non-eventful, comfortable start to the trip we arrive to the news of Flight MH17… what’s more chilling is that we were only 12 hours in front of them, flying with the same airline and on the same flight path. Not wanting to personalise the tragedy or hint at any hand of fate, but it certainly triggered the ‘what if’ moments. Best not to think about it.


The Cast…

Kuala Lumpur - 01


Familiarisation of past locations…


Kuala Lumpur - 08


hmm… more like ‘City’ life never lets up

Kuala Lumpur - 09


Where shall we go for a drink… Helipad?

Kuala Lumpur - 10

Kuala Lumpur - 14


Petaling Street Market…

Kuala Lumpur - 17


Kuala Lumpur - 23

Kuala Lumpur - 25

Kuala Lumpur - 28


Kuala Lumpur - 29


A glimpse inside local Hindu and Buddhist Temples…

Kuala Lumpur - 30


Kuala Lumpur - 33

Kuala Lumpur - 34



Merdeka (Freedom) Square: Former Political and Social centre of KL for the British Empire… and a former cricket pitch!

Kuala Lumpur - 38


Kuala Lumpur - 39


Time to escape these dusty sun-baked streets and relentless crowds and drive… up to the clean air and pleasing temperatures of the highlands…

.   .   .

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