A NEW ERA: Nikon D7000 Trials

.   .   .

It seems like just the other day i departed Gard Du Nord for St Pancras, completing my swift trip round Europe back in September of last year… Times have moved on (very quickly), circumstances have changed, people have come and gone, the best have stuck around… leading us to right here and now; living patiently and thinking inwardly in a city that’s blooming and ready for summer, I just calmly coil as I wait for escape…

It’s less than a month until a family trip to and around Malaysia, visiting the brother and spending some time with him and his local community in rural Kedah. Beyond that there’s vague plans being sketched out of a 2 month adventure to Nepal… in which there’s talk of teaching, orphanage work and photo journalism experience.


However there’s a new level of camera and photography to play with first… Finally leap-frogging into the mid-range of Nikon DSLRs, i’ve got myself a Nikon D7000 accompanied with a secondhand 18-200mm AF-S VR lens. Seemingly the ideal piece of kit for my style and ambitions, i hope to master some of it’s creative potential before meeting Malaysia’s looming photo opportunities.

.   .   .

So… here’s another collection of ‘trial’ photos from various shoots and outings over the past 2 weeks. An initial confession: I did not experiment with the Manual setting, just manual focus. Baby steps people. I’m not messing about this time, I’m intending to be in this for the long haul!


Got to include the first ever photo with the new Lens!

Nikon D7000 Trials-1


Some shots taken whilst recording Iskender’s upcoming summer EP…

Nikon D7000 Trials-6


The garden and it’s photogenic inhabitants

Nikon D7000 Trials-13
Nikon D7000 Trials-14


This last collection were captured around Chichester whilst on a family gathering weekend to celebrate my Grandparents 60th anniversary, a lovely place for celebration and photos!

Nikon D7000 Trials-19


An example of experimenting with Focus… though really can’t decide which i prefer!

Nikon D7000 Trials-24

Nikon D7000 Trials-29

Nikon D7000 Trials-30

Nikon D7000 Trials-31


Not the style i usually choose to attempt, but thought i’d give it a go…

Nikon D7000 Trials-37

Nikon D7000 Trials-38


See you in Malaysia…

.   .   .


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