DUBROVNIK: New To An Old City

.   .   .

We arrived with a promise of regular showers and a potential for thunder storms… we were welcomed blue sky, blue sea and golden rays, accompanied by a fresh pine scented breeze…. ahh, yes please thank you.

Thinking forward to the likelihood and necessity of many restless journeys and bunk bed nights, i’m not feeling too guilty about our (5* rated) convenient accommodation from which to explore this historic costal beauty… it’s pretty darn spectacular.


From the hotel…

Dubrovnik Day 1-11


Always enjoy these warm mediterranean evening strolls toward town…

Dubrovnik Day 1-13


Within the walls…

Dubrovnik Day 1-15

Dubrovnik Day 1-17


It’s Characters…


It’s Music…

Dubrovnik Day 1-14


Signs of past and present…


Then… failing to allow enough time to gain access to the city walls, we had given up on hope of witnessing a first night sunset. Little did i know that Arthur Fortune aka Mrs. Luck (who’d apparently had been hiding from me for the past 6 months) decided on steering a new course for the evening… after noticing a seemingly untrustworthy sign reading ‘drinks with a view’, we followed it’s directed path… after many an empty court yard and much stair clambering we came unto a gap in the wall, leading outside, sourcing a rather radiant glow? Surely not…


Dubrovnik Day 1-23

Dubrovnik Day 1-22


Now this one’s a bit of a fluke… kinda didn’t notice the swallow til editing… But hey, i’ll take it!

Dubrovnik Day 1-28


Dubrovnik Day 1-29


A classic holiday meal…

Dubrovnik Day 1-35


Dubrovnik Day 1-41


A new day… a new ship

Dubrovnik Day 2-4


Cable Car…

Dubrovnik Day 2-8


Dubrovnik Day 2-11


Circumnavigating the City Walls…

Dubrovnik Day 2-15



Dubrovnik Day 2-19

Dubrovnik Day 2-20


The highest tower…

Dubrovnik Day 2-24

Dubrovnik Day 2-31

Dubrovnik Day 2-29


Dubrovnik Day 2-36

Dubrovnik Day 2-37

Dubrovnik Day 2-38


A storm brewed, but that is all…


A great time…


But… Tomorrow i carry on alone… very apt. A tad apprehensive but looking forward to what should be a chilled and camera-happy afternoon, evening, night and morning in Kotor, Montenegro (2 hour bus ride south form dubrovnik). I better enjoy it, as the several days that follow involve near none-stop travel til saturday, when i plan to arrive in Budapest… If i find time, you should see and hear all about it!


I’ve always talked the talk of a traveller… now can I walk a decent walk…



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