INTERRAIL: Pre-Travel Prep

.   .   .

Back in June (which seems an incredibly long time ago) I planned to head into Europe with a flexible InterRail Pass and freely explore the continent for a month or so… However, personal circumstances steered me onto a different route for the summer. Times have since settled, I have a few pennies at my disposal and the ‘tour’ is over bar a celebratory London gig at the end of this month. After that Travel will have to give way for a while to Band and London Living. So… What else should i do with this little period of 12 days but attempt a swift dash round Europe (or a very small part of it), hopping on and off trains.

Here’s a few last minute pre-travel preparation images…


Itinerary Alterations: Though it’s more or less the same as when i dotted out my destinations earlier in the year, i’ve crossed out places i’ve either been or can’t make and i’ve marked places that are possible alternatives

It’s essentially Dubrovnik to Munich in 12 days.




A few helpful companions



Ol’ Reliable…




Essentials and Sentimentals



Temporary Occupant: Already making himself comfortable…



I’ll be taking this machine with me… Updating as i go.

First stop = Dubrovnik con mi Madre… then onward solo!

.   .   .


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