DEVON: Family Escape (Part 1)

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Turns out… not so much. I’m sitting on a comfy couch, occupying my peripheral is a sun-drenched secluded garden that slopes toward a cliff top view beyond this screen, one that draws in my good eye after every other word… and yet i still can’t let go. I might be looking for excuses in the coincidental reminders that this place has surrounded me with, be it an identical hidden 6th tee location at the bottom of the garden, or the similarities between the front of this villa and a certain Koh Phangan bungalow. The flicking onto a particular Jason Segel Movie the one time the TV is turned on, and finally last night, a visit to a Dartmouth restaurant with an almost laughably poignant playlist… maybe this is all in my messy mind, but what isn’t is this moment, this stunning location and this time with the Family. So buck up ye old son… tis these times in present we must cherish.


Devon Blog-20


I hadn’t even stepped through the door before we were welcomed to Dartmouth by a display courtesy of the Red Arrows… though not the intended site of the show, our sea view provided an awesome backdrop to whatever came our way over the trees…


A sunny saturday marks the start of the regatta, bringing countless boats into view…

Devon Blog-8

Devon Blog-7

Devon Blog-9


A lil exploration/trespassing…

Devon Blog-19

Devon Blog-15

Devon Blog-10


Devon Blog-23

Devon Blog-21

Devon Blog-22

Devon Blog-24


Devon Blog-25

Devon Blog-26


Galaxy Quest: Rich and I managed to identify and vaguely capture the Milky Way (through the ‘Summer Triangle’)

Devon Blog-30

Devon Blog-31


At the tip of the coast in view from our cliff top sits a lighthouse… lets go check it out why not.

Devon Blog-32

Devon Blog-35


hmm… this didn’t seem creepy at the time, but in retrospect it might be a tad… but just found this seemingly idyllic family scene rather pleasant and fairly humorous.

Devon Blog-38

Devon Blog-42


Astride the spine of start point…

Devon Blog-44


Some shameless/shameful indulgent self pics… my only excuse is being the only camera bearing member of this trip.


The rugged wind & sea ravaged side

Devon Blog-53

Devon Blog-54


An evening in Dartmouth…

Devon Blog-55

Devon Blog-56

Devon Blog-57


Next time should see more sea/beach activity and perhaps some Dartmoor wanderings…



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