LONDON: A Shard of Downtime

.   .   .

Well… as i touch down to reality once again, i find myself with many a month of ‘downtime’ ahead. The worst part is that it seems to stretch beyond clarity, into an uncertain and frankly undecided future. I’ve no plane or train tickets booked to promise more escapism nor have I any freshly plotted maps to stick up and inspire potential change. Back into the State of Limbo I step, unwillingly but perhaps deservedly so.

So I’ve decided to expand the initial plan of keeping this blog exclusively about travels abroad to include significant happenings at home here in the UK. This should not only add more incentive and meaning to my ‘downtime’ inbetween travelling, I also believe it to be good practice and will keep these blog updates ticking over.

The first of these home ‘happenings’ occurs 72 floors above the city of London, taking in a uniquely impersonal and surprisingly underwhelming view of my, once again, future home for the months ahead. Though not breathtaking, the journey up and around this impressive building was fun and a really nice thing to do with me Mother.





I found myself far more interested in the people sharing this intimate space, high above the intended focal point of this attraction…








.   .   .


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