NAPOLI: The Amalfi Coast & Mount Vesuvius

.   .   .

We only had one and a half days in Naples and with several hours wasted driving crazy around Ercolano trying to find the ruins of Herculaneum, failing, and retreating to the Hotel instead of taking on Pompeii (proved to be a good decision), we managed to fit in quite a decent chunk of fairly grand venturing… plus we’ve something to go back for if the opportunity arises. Though i think it’s ‘safe’ to say that we’re happy to have survived this visit… Renting a car provided ideal freedom to explore the Napoli area, it also provided a couple of good lessons for these roads. If you don’t do as the italians do, you’ll be killed or stuck at a junction all day. If you do do as the italians do… you may also be killed. I’m so confused I’m not even sure which option we chose… all i know is both result in a hell of a lot of friendly honking and total disregard of you and any other lifeforms on the Napoli roads. An experience is was.






The scenic and dramatic coastal town of Positano




‘Up there’ with the best coffee/view combo i’ve had (it’s a very integral combination of happy living)





A few faces from the Bay of Naples (as in just outside our ridiculously nice Hotel)



A steady clamber to the Summit and Crater of Mount Vesuvius




Though we didn’t manage to fit in a visit to Pompeii this time, it seemed a decent alternative to go check out and peer inside the Source of such a famous historic and cataclysmic event…








…still brooding away




A small and potentially deadly, but certainly justafiable climb for a closer look!




Now… this loverly lady was not an intended subject in this one. Though she may have ruined a pleasant and memorable family photo, one must applaud her dedication to her walking route and the last second turn and expression… the result: perhaps an even more memorable photo with added humour, plus this lady is now photographically captured and  documented in my history. I say 2 unforeseen victories there.


.   .   .

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