TORONTO: An Island Perspective

.  .  .

Toronto has a small group of islands sitting just across from the Harbour in Lake Ontario. Being a perfect cloudless saturday, we figured why not join the masses on a ferry and head over to take in the city from a different perspective…





It’s crazy to think that this scene is a part of the city…



As well as being a very friendly and tolerant city,Toronto also proves to be a very Generosity… We were given free Alcoholic Sodas by strangers and found a load of ‘Free Stuff’ left out for passers by.


Apologies for the numerous city-scape photos coming up, but it was a very cool spot with a ‘should be’ picture perfect view… plus some guest activity.





.   .   .

And we tend to end the days in similar fashion on Chris’ Balcony…



.   .   .

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