TORONTO: Getting to know you…

. . .

Well… last minute changes to my plans saw me scrap inter-railing Europe this summer (a shame but for good reason, i WILL do it someday) and replace it with 3 separate trips through out June, this is the 2nd one and the biggest, both in duration and potential impact on the future.

I find myself sat in a booth of a late night coffee shop, typing this after editing a load of pictures from a day of walking around the various neighbourhoods of this colourful and incredibly diverse city… truly. It’s refreshing to see a city with so many worlds and cultures plotted so tightly amongst each other that still creates a stimulating, bustling but friendly, laid back atmosphere… well that’s my first impression anyway.




The harbour front itself wasn’t the most elegant i’ve experienced, however the distant views of ontario and the pending boat trip across to the island tomorrow made up for it…




Humbled amongst the generic but always invigorating sky scrapers of a northern American city…






The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario): Having already been told it was a good visit, my decision was confirmed by free entry after 5:30pm on a wednesday… nice, and despite the large queue it proved pretty interesting.



Some pieces were just ridiculously good, blurring the line between painting and photography with a brush…



Some… maybe just not my thing.


Others… i quite liked, though nothing particularly original


Orchestral dancing dude



Back to the streets and towards the Kensington Market area… which is renowned for is bohemian culture and it delivers, like a mini-camden, but perhaps more ‘quirky’ and with more coffee shops.





. . .


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