DUBLIN: A Walkabout Town

. . .

My father, my brother and I travelled to Ireland to investigate our Irish ancestry dating back to the 18th Century. Having already researched names, dates, places and delved into the details of Lambert’s since past, the main aim of the trip was to seek out and explore the areas where our family once called their home. But before heading off into the mountains beyond Dublin, we spent the first day amongst the city, walking the river side and narrow cobble lanes, dotting between the colourful bars and cafes and ending with the customary Guinness Storehouse visit…





Although Dublin’s river side provided a quite striking and parisian-esque elegance, it was the subtleties and diverse culture that intrigued most…





Not being a Guinness drinker i wasn’t most optimistic about the Storehouse tour, but even though it proved a little tacky i was surprised by the scale of the attraction and enjoyed it as a different and entertaining way to spend an hour… and the views over and around Dublin from the top were worth the escalator rides… shame i had to choose water-down fizzy orange over a free Guinness.




P1010151 P1010155




Tired, over-walked but fulfilled, a chill-out in the hotel is needed before heading back out to fill our stomaches with an irish meal and whiskey…


. . .


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