The Curse of a Sentimental Traveller

.  .  .


Some might consider it a mild form of hoarding, perhaps bordering on an obsession of self-affirmation…

I’ve always seen it as a celebration, a way of keeping good memories alive. Memories of the places I’ve visited, the people I’ve met, the museums I’ve wandered, the sites I’ve witnessed, the streets I’ve walked, the cafe’s I’ve sat in, the souvenirs I’ve collected, the supermarkets I’ve shopped… ok it’s not entirely rational, but it fills the room nicely.

P1000552  P1000554  P1000553

Rational or not, interesting or pointless… it is a curse. This wall ‘display’ consists of odds and ends collected from various trips taken from Jan 2008 – Sep 2009. And although said trips meant a lot to me, it is now 2013. I’m a tad overdue a tare-down. Maybe I’m worried about the potential depression caused by such a drastic environment change, possibly I’m worried about having no better ideas on how to fill the bare, white void it will leave on that side of the room…  it could even be down to a simple refusal to let go of the past and deal with the future. In any case, all this over-thinking and indulgent writing has re-affirmed faith in my decision to do this…


.  .  .


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